GlobeCore Transformer Oil Degassing

GlobeCore Transformer Oil Degassing

Increasingly, mobile stations began to appear for degassing and cleaning oil.

Installations for degassing transformer oil. Station oil mobile CMM-10-10

For example, the installation type of UVM. They are equipped with oil and vacuum pumps, fine filters.


They can be used to prepare new oils for use or to clean used oil. By removing from the transformer, turbine and other types of oils dissolved gases, formed stable water emulsions, harmful elements of oxidation, the service life of expensive lubricant and insulating material is increased and protection of power equipment is provided. If we compare the installation for cleaning and regeneration of industrial oil of different companies, then there are significant differences. Most domestic manufacturers focus on removing from turbine, compressor, hydraulic and industrial oils, water, in all its forms and polluting solid particles, as the main function of their machines. The secondary function is the extraction of air, gases and light pollution of hydrocarbons.


Despite the normal level of performance of such systems and their imaginary versatility, there are more rational proposals.


The entire nomenclature range of installations for the degassing, purification and regeneration of the oil of the GlobeCore trademark is focused on performing several processes simultaneously, without interchangeability, repeated cycles and with reactivation of the cleaning components.


In one full cycle of regeneration, the oil, which comes directly from the power equipment, gases are removed, it is dried and filtered from mechanical impurities with different molecular weights, and in addition, the process of adsorption of waste oil is carried out with full restoration of its original properties. The sorbents, which are part of the regenerating components in GlobeCore installations, bring additional savings due to their ability to self-repair during the operation of the cleaning systems.


Integrated mobile degassing equipment GlobeCore forĀ  filtering and regeneration of turbine, transformer, hydraulic oil and other working fluids is the best choice option of industrial industrial equipment to control the production process and prevent unforeseen situations.


In addition, integrated systems for oil regeneration are increasingly used. In addition to the cleaning unit with adsorption filtering components, they include a degassing unit, which is the final stage of the full regeneration cycle.


The offer on the market of technologies for the degassing of transformer oil provides a fairly wide range of products for various scales and plans of the enterprise.


The installation directly consists of a vacuum column, an inlet pump, a heater, an outlet pump, a fine filter, a control cabinet, a piping system with shut-off and control valves, and vacuum pumps. Parameters are controlled by the controller. All system parameters are displayed on the touch screen.

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